My first time visiting Ling Ling.

But I am not a virgin at juagen. I have posted a number of massage reviews at juagen joints few years back.

Long time no write massage reviews so a bit long winded.

The place is a bit inconvenient if go by public transport but not difficult to find.

When I arrived, Ling Ling asked me whether it is okay for her disciple to massage for me, she will come in later to inspect me. I was okay with that.

It was a full hour of juagen massage. The disciple started to work on my didi. I must say the massage was not painful at all.

What was interesting was listening to the other disciple in the next bed (we are separated by a curtain only) serving another bro who came in 15 minutes before me. She sounded that she was trying to hard sell the bro into getting the qian lie xian (prostrate) massage saying that many who had problem with their didi are “cured” after receiving this treatment. She even said if the problem not cured, full refund.

Ling Ling then came into my side first. She pressed my groin and the area between my balls and the anus. She said the jin (tendon?) on my left groin is a bit off and she asked whether I feel pain when she pressed my left groin. Compared to the right groin, the left groin was a bit more painful when she pressed.

Ling Ling then proceeded to press deep into the area between my balls and anus, I felt a bit of sng sng (sour ache) feeling. Then she press my left groin again and that bit of pain was gone.

I was half expecting Ling Ling or the disciple to ask me to go for the qian lie xian (prostrate) massage but no, none of them asked me. Ling Ling said my didi (penis) is healthy and there is nothing that needs to be fixed, just normal servicing (bao jian) will do. She added that among all the customers, I am that rare 1 in 20 that actually has a healthy KKJ.

Ling Ling then went to the next bed to see the other bro. The other bro seems to have some real problem. I can hear Ling Ling pressing here and there and asked him pain or not. Ling Ling diagnosed that the other bro has some serious blockage and she asked if he is experiencing some problem with his didi. She then suggested that he come back again this week to have the qian lie xian (prostrate) treatment. Pain is 2 minutes but can cure him 70%.

Ling Ling then went out and I thought she would just leave it to her disciples to service the 2 men. After a few minutes, Ling Ling came into my side. I thought she also wanted to suggest that I come back for the qian lie xian treatment but no again – she did not. Ling Ling just came in to chit chat while watching (supervising?) her disciple work.

Ling Ling stood there talking to me, telling me that many men are very hiong (violent) when they piak piak until they “damaged” their KKJ (penis) unknowingly. She also told me that youngsters nowadays have easy access to porn and they pcc so much until they also “damaged” their kkj.

Ling Ling then said that my KKJ (penis) is healthy and I don’t need any “repair”, just regular servicing. I could then conclude that she and the other disciple were not hard selling the qian lie xian treatment, but only seriously wanting to treat those who need it.

Name: Disciple. Did not ask.
Looks: Pleasant.
Skills: Competent (She knows what she is doing).
Damage: $100 at time of service. Subject to change.
RTM: Yes. (Regular servicing )

PS: Like many bros have written, this place is proper juagen didi treatment. No hanky panky.

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Quite a late FR for Ling Ling Jie and her disciple Yan Zi Jie.

Ling Ling Jie was good, knowledgeable and really knew what she is doing especially Juagen. We chat a lot and I enjoyed her friendly chats, teaching me a lot which I did not even know till today. Her Juagen Skills & strong hands are still top notch. Enjoyed the full Hour Juagen session With Ling Ling Jie.

I booked another session with Ling LingJie. But this time round is her disciple who took care of me. Quite different style and techniques used, but still had strong hand style which I enjoyed thoroughly. She too as Ling Ling Jie is able to break ice with me fast and she was able to do her job competently too, just as good as Ling Ling. Though is our first meeting but we can chat like old friend.

Would definitely return for another service of the Bro in the next month or so.

Both Ling Ling Jie and Yan Zi Jie is good at their job and they do not fool around with crappy service which most of us had met in many MP.

Highly recommended for those bros who wanted to try on good Juagen and advice from Ling Ling Jie. Action speaks louder than words, I might not be good at describing their service so do try and you will know what I mean by good service and advice.

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Thanks bro Arlong for the contact!

I went for Juagen before in the past but since that person retired, decided to stop. Chanced upon this post and thought to give my bro a little treatment and servicing

Made an appointment this week and was asked if I needed to use the washroom or proceed straight to JG. Decided to proceed straight to JG

She proceeded to press a few parts here and there to determine the damage done. There were 2 spots she pressed (lightly) which made me want to jump. It was so damn painful! She told me that that area is blocked quite badly and I should consider the qian lian sha (?) in a follow up session to treat it

The JG followed shortly after and it was a wonderful experience. She was chatty and the conversation made time pass quickly. Also learnt from her the correct way of PCC so as not to damage / block the veins too much. Pretty interesting hearing that from a lady herself.

The effect after this JG was significant. Didi felt stiffer, stronger and more importantly, the shots were strong and forceful. Definitely recommend people to consider giving their bro a treatment and personally considering whether to go for the qian lian sha to see how much better it can be

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Went to find ling ling yesterday but was served by another gal, opt for massage + juagen, strong massage skills and she commented lots of toxic in my body, my whole back was red, she worried that my wife will see it but i told her I’m single no worries. After that juagen quite painful on 2 spots when she pressed, after some massage not so pain, she explained to me the cause and also said my didi was injured during sex, performace declining which i agreed.

she also advise me to go for prostate milking next time but i’m still undecided, just need to endure 2mins of fingering. quite a chatty and knowledgeable lady, ling ling came in to give some advice as well, have not tested my serviced shaft yet but will RTM

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First and foremost I would like pay credit to TS, thanks for this wonderful recommendation.

This is my second visit, but first FR as I was diagnosed with a more serious case thereby required to perform prostate treatment.

First treatment was done by master yanzi Jie, very professional and the accurately diagnosed the problem I had been facing. Acupoint were pressed and if the guru said pain… Omg painful… But surprisingly it disappeared as time passes .

Note for the second treatment one is recommended to return within a week’s for the most effective treatment result.

The day, greet by the grandmaster herself. Perform a diagnose or pee check. Next comes the heavy part, the pain is bearable but it make you feel like want to pee and clear your bowel ( for a moment I scared bowel released) . But nope, it was all over in 2 min, and the painful areas during the pregnancy treatment vanished.

For all brother who are seeking a healthy physically and sexually, please go to the master for check up. Tools which had been working hard for years might need your kind attention and servicing for the long haul.

Both master and grand master provide great service and knowledge on matters in the area. Please treat them with respect, this is a genuine treatment process.

A good pic. Is truly better than a thousand words . However in this case no good pic or a thousand words can describe what these masters can do for your health.

Visit them if healthy either physical or sexual is of importance . But trust me you will not regret this servicing. You will only regret when it cannot be service no more.

Make your appointment now, grand master and master have a pretty tight schedule.

With every penny… Rather than spending on some unrelated stuff. You are blessed by TS with these masters do not let this opportunity run.
thanks for support

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